User Experience (UX), Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and e-Commerce
Iberia Airlines

User Experience analysis, monitoring, definition and design of all the digital assets within Iberia: website, mobile apps, airport kiosks...

  • E-commerce Conversion Rate Optimization: user interaction analysis using tools such as Google Analytics and Tealeaf in order to find customer struggles and find a solution in order to increase the conversion rate and the user satisfaction.
  • Traffic optimization: Measurement and analysis of the performance of users according to the traffic source, in order to optimize the expense on new customers attraction.
  • AB Testing and Multivariable Testing (using javascript and css) focusing on the purchase funnel, in order to improve the customer’s experience and increase the conversión rate, using Maxymiser (Oracle) and Google Experiments.
  • UX definition (wireframes and interaction design) for website processes improvement and new online products or services’ developments.
  • Working on the new responsive website’s user experience definition for and the mobile apps.
  • Designing the brand new omnichannel customer experience for "Puente Aereo" within the digital assets: web, mobile apps and airport kiosks.
  • Defining the new Iberia Plus' digital experience for web and mobile.

Ecommerce & Mcommerce Professor
Cámara de Comercio de Madrid

This course is aimed at workers and entrepeneurs who wish to launch an online business from scratch.
You can see the Course Contents here.

Online and Ecommerce Manager
Medical Optica Group

Medical Optica Group is a holding Company located in the north of Spain that owns three different businesses: an Opticians Chain, a Lenses Manufacturer and a Work Protective Equipment Manufacturer specialized in safety glasses. They sell througout EMEA.

My main rol was setting up the online department within the Company and launching the e-commerce platforms for each Company from scratch.

  • Online strategy definition and execution for all the group companies
  • New online business approaches, implementation and achievement of agreed outcomes in terms of sales and profitability.
  • UX definition and design of two B2C websites for Medical Optica; one, focused on getting clients for the Brick-n-Mortar Stores; the other one, an online store focused on growing the business outside their physical fronteers in order to increase the Company income.
  • Negotiation and agreements with partners (suppliers, technology partners...)

  • In the e-commerce project of Medical Optica - Audición, in addition:
    • Management of product mix, price and promotion
    • In charge of the P&L
    • Responsible from the financial, logistics and product point of view; Management of orders, profitability, problems resolution and clients satisfaction.
    • • Definition of objectives for each online business unit: sales, units, PVP, margins ... Planning and execution of the online marketing plan to achieve the objectives described above.
    • SEO on-page and off-page optimization. I managed to place the website number 2 in organic search and keep it along the time, with a better position than multinational Optician Companies (please check slide 10.)
    • Traffic optimization and CRO: Measurement and analysis of the performance of users according to the traffic source, in order to optimize the expense on new customers attraction.

  • • Definition, development and launch of a new B2B e-commerce platform in MEDOP within their corporate website in order to start receiving the clients’ purchase orders and optimize costs and time, thus improving margins and profitability.
  • • Project to digitalize the B2B sales process of the graduated safety glasses, with the objective of simplifying a complex and manual process which involved up to 4 agents (manufacturer, distributor, optics and customer).
  • • E-commerce B2B web development for Medop to sell to end customer, without dealer's intermediation, in the UK market

  • • CRM Projects:
    • for Medical Óptica (B2C) with the Point of Sales datacenter and the e-commerce platform’s integration.
    • Medop (B2B) with ERP’s integration.

  • Responsible for product mix, price, promotions, problem solving, logistics, customer care and customer satisfaction.
  • • Introduction of the digital world into the Brick-n-Mortar stores: development of digital applications for internal processes improvement (examples: application for campaigns planning, application for interactive catalog of products, iPad application for helping opticians sell the lenses’ treatments...)

Marketing Deputy Manager
Medical Optica Audición

At the same time, and until the middle of 2014, I performed the work of Deputy Marketing Director for Medical Optica-Audición, reporting to the CEO and managing the Marketing Plan and the budget of the department.

  • Definition, execution and monitoring of the Annual Marketing Plan.
  • Sales mix definition in order to achieve business objectives.
  • Direct marketing campaigns for acquairing new customers and retainin existing ones: argumentaries for uptake of activity, submission of tenders, customer retention, loyalty, data updating.
  • Club management and development of loyalty and post-sale actions. CRM development tool for managing databases and loyalty program.
  • Introduction of the digital world to the physical stores: applications development for internal processes improvement.
  • New products launch management: pricing, positioning, packaging, logo, communication, advertising campaigns.
  • Ecommerce platform and corporate website definition, design, usability, development and content generation.
  • Advertising campaigns, traffic generation, SEO positioning and SEM campaigns, retargeting campaigns, CPC campaigns.
  • Supervision of all orders, incidents, customer management of the website.
  • Measurement and analysis of traffic, users and sales.

Project & Technology Manager
Btob Marketing

  • Digital projects definition
  • Analysis of functionalities, technical specifications, wireframing, user experience and information architecture definition for every project
  • Project planning, control and supervision of projects development and its deadlines.
  • Selection, organization and coordination of the development team (internal / external).
  • QA testing for each project before lanching
  • Websites, Landings, Microsites, corporate Websites, intranets tools, E-commerce platforms , mobile applications (iOS and Android), Facebook apps, user communities, CRM systems, etc.
  • Working for brands such as: Mixta, Vodafone, Diageo, Lan Airlines Spain and Germany, Delaviuda, Carrefour, Acevas, L'Oreal París, Maybelline NY, Garnier, Repsol, Yorokobu,, Yelmo Cines, Sigma-Tau, Huggies, Madrid Excelente, Consorcio de transportes de Madrid, Glaxo Group (Eno, Binaca, Breathe Right ...), Mustela, Nike Peru, Telefonica Peru...

Direct and Online Marketing Manager
Clinica Baviera and Clinica Londres

  • Definition and execution of the Online and Direct Marketing plan
  • Design and development from scratch of and SEO Optimization and contents manteinance.
  • Tactical campaigns for lead generation: Google Adwords, Retargeting, Facebook Ads, Affiliation Marketing, Display...
  • Measurement and analyisis of each campaign and website with Google Analytics
  • Community Management. Social Networks maintainance (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blogs...)
  • Online brand reputation analysis

Digital Project Manager
MRM McCann

  • Digital strategies definition and online projects execution for brands such as Coca-Cola, Orange, Iberdrola, Caprabo, MasterCard Spain and the Netherlands, Warner Home Video, General Motors, Kellogg's, Microsoft, IKEA
  • Technical definition and Project development coordination: Functionality analysis, choice of technology development, technical specifications, wireframing, user experience definition, information architecture, navigation flows.
  • Coordination and supervision of the design team and development. Suppliers negotiation.
  • Web, social networks and mobile Projects such as landing sites, microsites, websites, corporate sites, intranets, e-Commerce platforms, mobile apps, (iOS and Andoid), Social Media apps...