I work as Senior User Experience Designer at

My studies

I studied Advertising and Public Relations, a Master in Programming and Design of digital assets, and a Master in Digital Business.

I'm always doing small online courses on difrerent topics such as Advanced Analytics, Google Adwords, SEO, Responsive web Design, Big Data, Human Interaction Design... When I'm about to finish one course, I'm already thinking about what to learn next.

My work background

Since I started working for Warner Home Video’s online Loyalty Club in 2006, my career has always been related to the Digital Business.

I have worked for a very wide range of projects for national an international brands, from developing websites and apps to managing marketing plans and growing online stores.

My hobbies

I love reading. You can find me reading about different topics such as Neuromarketing, Responsive Web Design, User Experience, Online Marketing, Digital Analytics, Ecommerce… or a novel.

My job is my hobby, I feel lucky because there is nothing better than doing what you love.

My strenths


User Experience and Product Design

Products and services are designed for meeting customer needs and reaching business objectives. Therefore, the relationship between technology and sale objectives is very important.
My opinion has always been that design must meet the functional needs first and, as well, make the product look awsome.
My background on marketing and technology is used to being in the middle of both.


Since I started my professional journey, I have designed, launched and grown several Ecommerce sites.
My daily work has been focused on creating and launching marketing campaigns, increasing sales and improving conversion.
To be honest, I love designing the ecommerce from scratch (not only the digital platform but also the whole logistic process). It's much easier to optimize and improve if you have a good start.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

We spend much time and effort attracting new potential customers to our website, but an average of 99 out of 100 leaves without converting. What would happen if we double the conversion?
Focusing part of my efforts on understanding where the gaps are and how I can improve them to increase conversion is one of the most fascinating parts of my work.


14th June 2018

Digital Marketing Day

Next 14th June 2018 I will be speaking at the Digital Marketing Day in Malaga.
My conference will be "The romance between Data and User Experience". Don't miss it!
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22nd May 2018

Presentación del libro de Ricardo Tayar

The 22nd May, I will be acommpaining Ricardo Tayar to the presentation of his book "CRO. Diseño y desarrollo de proyectos digitales". We will be talking about Ecommerce, CRO with Gema Mora and María del Mar Fernández Parra.

25 March 2018

Omexpo 2018

I had the opportunity to give a conference at Semrush Room in Omexpo 2018. I spoke about how User Experience and Data can help us increase the Conversion (CRO) of our Ecommerce.

See video (7:15:30)
8th May 2018

Ecommerce News Article

Ecommerce News, one of the most important Ecommerce news portal in Spanish, published an article talking about my talk in Omexpo 2018. Read the article

22nd May 2018

Press release - Omexpo 2018

Prior to the Omexpo 2018, Semrush launched a press release where some of us gave some tips about how to improve an Ecommerce.
Article in Ecommerce News
Article in PC World