My hobby

Since I started working for Warner Home Video's online Loyalty Club in 2006, my career has always been related to the Digital Business.

I have worked for a very wide range of projects for national and international brands, from developing websites and apps to managing online stores.

I love reading. You can find me reading about different topics such as Neuromarketing, Responsive Design, User Experience, Online Marketing, Digital Analytics, Ecommerce... or a novel.

My job is my hobby, and I feel
lucky because there is nothing better
than doing what you love.

My passion

One of my greatest passions is travelling.

I've travelled since I was very young, and I usually do it alone; not because I don't like travelling with others, but because I want to travel no matter how.

And travelling alone doesn't mean being lonely. I always meet great people on each trip.

Working for an airline company is working for a company that makes it possible to fulfill my passion, so it's really easy to communicate to others something that I believe in so much!

My background

I studied Advertising and Public Relations.
Due to my desire to learn and my fascination with the possibilities that technology offers, I decided to study Web and Mobile Programming and Design, Interaction Design, Usability, Project Management, eCommerce, Online Marketing...
I've also studied the MDB, which has helped me to complete my strategic vision of business from a digital point of view.

Many different projects have taught me all I know
and have built the professional I am today.
I am proud of all and each one of them!

Web in progress

Hi! I’m Barbara Martinez. Digital Business Specialist and Ecommerce Consultant.
I work in the Digital Business Department at Iberia Airlines. I also teach Ecommerce at "Cámara de Comercio of Madrid".
Thank you for your visit!